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Jesmund Care Home

Quality care home with nursing in Sutton, London

Facilities and Services


Our cook in the home’s kitchen will prepare your meals. It is our aim to ensure all residents receive a well-balanced nutritious diet. Residents will be offered choices each day and special diets will be catered for. Hot drinks and light refreshment are always available. We even have a separate kitchen area for those who want to prepare their own drinks and snacks.

Medical care

Qualified nursing staff are on duty throughout the 24-hour day, ensuring the highest possible standards at all times. In consultation with the GP who visits the home weekly, the nursing staff will ensure that all of your medical needs are met.


Visitors are welcome at any time – although we suggest avoiding busy periods such as meal times.


The visiting hairdresser can provide hairdressing, at reasonable cost.


Laundry is undertaken within the home and is part of the service fee. The home will launder all personal laundry (except dry cleaning) and linen.


A selection of paper’s are delivered daily, but individual choice of newspaper or periodicals may be ordered.


The home has a phone available for resident use.


Whilst we acknowledge the fact that many people have pets for company during their lifetime and that they may wish to bring an animal with them when they move, the management has a responsibility to all residents with regard to health and safety. Discussions with the home would be necessary regarding the possibility of a resident bringing a pet into the home.

Resident’s Property

Residents may bring their own property into the home however, the home will not accept any liability for loss or damage to any money or other valuables kept by a resident in or about the home unless such money or property has been deposited for safekeeping